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 Fresh Start
Exercise is for Life
More and more research is indicating that exercise is essential to peoples health and well being. 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise has proven benefits including reduced risk to:
 Type-2 diabetes
 Some cancers including, colon, breast and bowel cancer
 High Blood Pressure.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will ensure that a fitness program is developed which is tailored to your needs and interests. However don’t be surprised if you see mowing the lawns, going for a ride with the kids, taking the stairs at work appear on your program because we are not just limited by our facilities.
Group Fitness and Mind Body Classes
Reservoir Leisure Centre runs over 40 group fitness and mind body classes each week.

Classes include the internationally recognized Les Mills Programs, BODYCOMBAT®, BODYPUMP®, BODYSTEP®, BODYATTACK®, BODYBALANCE®, RPM™ along with a great mix of water exercise classes, yoga and freestyle classes.

Visit Group Fitness and Mind Body Classes for session timetables and costs.
Body Balance class

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