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A program that runs once a week designed to help, assist and guide participants through a manageable nutrition plan. This program involves seminars and mini training sessions. Included in HEALTH CLUB Membership.

Health is a lifetime investment.

You can alter the way you think and feel by altering the quality and quantity of the food you eat. Without the right combination of nutrients the body’s ability to function normally is impaired. A healthy diet should maintain normal physiological functions and protect against disease.

During the 6 week program, led by a facilitator, group discussions will address how you can assist yourself in developing a healthier nutritional plan and lifestyle. In addition there is full access to the Health Club facilities, classes etc enabling you to encompass all aspects necessary for successful weight management including exercise, nutrition, and most importantly, guidance in all of the above.


Participants with the best results at the end of the year will win a 3 months membership valued at $360.00!!
Day/Time: Monday 12:00pm & Wednesday 7:30pm

Fitness Level: All

Requirements: Novices should notify the instructor before beginning the program.

Cost: $179 per six week program (included in Health Club membership)

Phone: (03) 9496 1050

Staff - Julie>
Monday 12pm & Wednesday 7:30pm

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