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An exciting new initiative is in progress at Reservoir Leisure Centre. We have introduced the latest Facility Management Technology which will revolutionise the way you experience Reservoir Leisure Centre.

Some of the benefits of the new technology follow:
Easier Quicker Access
New water proof wrist bands with a Radio Frequency Identifier (RFID) installed in them will allow members easier quicker access the Centre (no more queuing at reception.) It will replace the need for Spa Bands and it will also be able to activate our new lockers in the members change rooms. (No more keys required).
No Need to Bring in Cash
Customers will also be able to place an amount on their Cashless Account for use throughout the centre, including our café and merchandise products. You will now no longer have to carry cash or bring in credit cards or wallets.
Your Personal Details are More Secure
Your financial data and information will be stored in a lockable vault which meets the requirements of legislation being introduced in America and soon to be introduced into Australia relating to the receiving and storage of credit card and bank account details. (Peace of mind for all direct debit members).
SMS and Email Messaging
Instant messaging to remind members of upcoming appointments, newsletters, new program launches and events or service disruptions.

We would like everyone to update their contact details (email, mobile phone number) in order kept up to date. Please make these details available to customer service staff when convenient.

General Information
We are in the process of issuing you with a new card or wrist band and this will be your new access ID.

I remind members that it is a condition of your membership to always bring along your membership ID to the Centre. A “no ID - no access” policy will apply.

Please note: Memberships are not exchangeable or to be shared with any other person. This is considered fraudulent activity. A member who shares their member ID with another person will be barred from RLC for life, along with the person who tried to use the ID.

If you lose your member ID then you must advise the Centre immediately so we can put a stop on the member card. Replacements of cards or wrist bands will incur an administration fee of $20.

We are looking forward to the new facility management technology and the benefits it will provide.
For Further Information
Please contact our Customer Service Team on 9496 1050.

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