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 Water Workouts
 Land Classes
 Staying Active Timetable

Water Workouts
Aquacise: A water exercise class suitable for older adults, pre and post natal and for those looking for a low impact, low intensity water workout.

Aqua Basic: A beginner's level class, ideal for developing fitness and toning.

Aqua Moves: A combination water workout suitable for all levels from entry level to those wanting a harder workout.

Arthritis: A gentle water based class in the hydrotherapy pool for people with varying arthritic conditions.

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The Water Workout class follow their instructor's moves
Land Classes
Yoga: A predominately Hatha Yoga class consisting of gentle stretches and relaxation suitable for all ages and abilities.

Living Longer Living Stronger: A strength training program based in the gym. Endorsed by Council on the Ageing (COTA).


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Staying Active class doing the grapevine
Staff - Elisa>
Monday 9:00am & 9:45am

Staff - Dianne>
Tuesday 9:15am

Staff - Julie>
Tuesday 10:00am, Wednesday 10:30am, Thursday 11:30am, Thursday 10:00am & Friday 9:30am

Staff - Pina>
Wednesday 9:15am

Staying Active Timetable
Time/Day   Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday   Friday    
9:00am   GENTLE AQUACISE Elisa                
9:15am      GENTLE AQUACISE Dianne   AQUA MOVES Pina          
9:30am               ARTHRITIS Julie    
9:45am   ARTHRITIS Elisa                
10:00am      ARTHRITIS Julie      ARTHRITIS Julie       
10:30am         ARTHRITIS Julie          
11:00am      YOGA Pina             
11:30am               YOGA Erin    

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Class Comparisons
Class   Moves or Equipment Used   Benefits   Fitness Levels    
GENTLE AQUACISE   Indoor Pool, Low Impact, Low Intensity   Fitness, Toning   All Levels    
AQUA MOVES   Indoor Pool, Low Impact, Low Intensity   Fitness, Toning   All Levels    
ARTHRITIS   Indoor Pool, Low Impact, Hydrotherapy   Bone Density, Arthritis Friendly   All Levels    
LIVING LONGER LIVING STRONGER   Cardio Fitness Equipment, Cable Machines, Free Weights   Strength    All Levels    
YOGA   Mind and Body, Hatha Yoga, Stretches    Relaxation, Meditation, Balance   All Levels    

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