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Customer Service Charter

Reservoir Leisure Centre’s Vision
The vision of Reservoir Leisure Centre is to champion a wide range of physical activities, programs and services which contribute to improving the general health and wellbeing of the Darebin community.

Reservoir Leisure Centre aims to:
 Operate in a safe and efficient environment
 Provide an efficient and productive administration that delivers excellent customer care that is responsive, accessible and inclusive
 Promote an innovative, vibrant and thriving facility with infrastructure that is both well maintained and appropriately regulated
 Lead and work with our community and partners to achieve a rapid transition to an environmentally sustainable facility
 Encourage active community engagement in decision-making
 Advocate for equity and social inclusion and always act responsibly and in the best interest of the whole City of Darebin community

Our commitment to you
Darebin City Council adopted Customer Service Excellence Standards in 2013. It sets out the quality of service required by all staff. It provides clear direction for all staff on the values, behaviours, policy context and community expectations that impact on their role.
Reservoir Leisure Centre staff will demonstrate the following values when delivering our service to the community:
Collaboration – we will talk and listen to others
Accountability – we will own our decisions and be responsible for our actions
Respect – we will respect ourselves and others in the Centre
Integrity – we will do what we say we will do
As a team we will:
 Value and serve our diverse community
 Treat customers with respect and courtesy
 Ensure customers receive excellent service each and every time
 Value customer privacy and treat personal information confidentially
 Be attentive to customer needs and expectations
 Work together with shared responsibility to achieve quality customer service outcomes
 Welcome customer input and suggestions to assist us to continuously improve our performance
 Address customer concerns through a fair and open process

In conducting our business:
 Our customer service team will respond to telephone calls within 6 rings/20 seconds
 Our customer service team provide a friendly greeting when arriving at the Centre
 Our swim instructors and group fitness instructors will warmly greet and farewell all participants
 Our swim instructors and group fitness instructors will strive to start and end classes on time
 Our lifeguards will ensure that the pools and surrounds are well presented at all times
 Our lifeguards will ensure that they are courteous and respectful when speaking with you
 Our fitness consultants will ensure the gym is well presented and safe at all times
 Our fitness consultants will provide appropriate advice and assistance on request
 We will make every effort to supply all our services in a prompt and timely manner with priority assistance given to customers affected by a safety or service issue
 We will provide and explain the method of follow-up for customer requests and continuous improvement reports
 We will provide information that is accurate, current and in languages spoken by our community
 We will offer a variety of payment methods
 We will be punctual for meetings and appointments
 We will ensure that our uniforms are well maintained and presented at all times
 We will make our best effort to cater for customers with special needs such as children, people with disabilities, people from culturally diverse backgrounds and those from non-English speaking backgrounds
 We will not participate in unethical behaviour

Evaluating and improving our performance
Reservoir Leisure Centre uses customer satisfaction surveys, community engagement and other means to collect feedback from customers.

Your feedback helps us to monitor and improve our service levels.

Feedback can be offered through the following means:
By phone (03) 9496 1050
On line
In writing feedback boxes located at Reservoir Leisure Centre
By mail Reservoir Leisure Centre, 2A Cuthbert Road, Reservoir VIC 3073
In person Reservoir Leisure Centre reception counter


Date Printed: 22/10/2017
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